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Daring To Do Things Differently

Editor’s Note So, what’s catching the fancy of the world in the past some time? At the individual and social front, it is the new variant of the pandemic, the opening and closing of the borders, limited gathering, and growing […]

Co-creating the Future

Shape of the Next Normal

In the last five months, the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, and more specifically, India, with a tsunami like force that no one expected or pre-empted. While people were trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, businesses were also suffering and trying to come to terms with their losses. To a great extent, astute and agile businesses houses were able to tide over quickly. These were the companies that turned out to be resilient and quick to adopt novel technology solutions.

Building Resilient Businesses

Leveraging Adversities for Exponential Opportunities

This year has been historic. Maybe for the first time in the history of mankind has the entire world seen such unprecedented even as the Covid-19 pandemic. The unprecedented part is both in its intensity as well as in its reach. Probably never before has the world witnessed a common catastrophe so vast and deep as this one.

Resilient Leadership for New Age Business Services

In the situation we find ourselves in today, it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to not worry about covid, its impact, and the changes it has brought about in our lives. We talk of it, discuss it, write of it and certainly think of it often. We also read of it often, even if we really do not want to. This life-changing event has created history. In the era of high-speed information transfer, this single event has had a significant impact on politics, business, society and us in our personal capacity. And yet, life does go on. After the initial shock, we have redefined ourselves to best suit the circumstances.

Being Future Relevant

Due to the Covid epidemic, the need to insulate oneself, and its related lockdown has created unique situations for us humans. We, as individuals, families, society and industry have had to face situations where physical connects need to be kept at a minimum, if at all. This became quite a challenge given that we are essentially a social bunch. Maybe it is Providence that the corona pandemic has come at a time when mankind is better placed to handle it.

Time to Take a Leap

Pathway to World Class Enterprise Services

Humanity is going through some very tough times. Never before in our living memory have the conditions of the world been as daunting as now. It is as bad for the people of the planet as it is for the businesses. However, the never-say-die spirit of humans is very much alive and kicking. The fact that we shall overcome this brownout is not under question. The only concern is when – and what the new-look world be like.

Crossing the Rubicon

From Dream to Reality in Global Business Services

In this day and age, while India has attained centre stage in many global arenas, such as IT and Business Services, it is quite common to have expats from many developed nations stationed in the India offices of their global corporates. Harry Robertson is of the rare breed of overseas leaders who ventured to live in India in the early 90s, which was till then probably only an exotic vacation location for most westerners.

Digital Leadership for Innovation and Winning Edge

June 2019

The common human thought is that business or financial decisions are based on logic, such as cost-benefit analysis, business cases and ROI – especially serious business decisions. Personal decisions, however, are not so often backed up by data and hence, could well be impulsive, irrational or simply psychological. Secondly, business or financial decisions are clinical and made by the brain, while personal decisions are fuzzy and made from the heart.

Business Services at Cross Roads

The Big Shift from ITeS (Tech Enabled) to ITiS (Tech Integrated)

There is nothing new in writing about going digital. Digital growth is all-pervasive, like rapidly shifting sands and the shifts seem to happen every hour of every day. As in business, technology now has become integrated with our daily lives. […]