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Our Capability Frameworks & Models for Continuous Value Delivery


The Process Maturity Model (PMM) uses a 6 x 5 Matrix to assess all processes within enterprise functions (like F&A, HR, SCM, IT, CLM etc.,) in various sectors and industries, and classify them into five levels of maturity.

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The Digital Execution Quotient (DxQ) model is designed to measure the extent of success of Digital Execution to assess the ability of an organization to successfully achieve the outcomes of Digital Transformation.

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Technology Integrated Business Services (TIBS) Capability is a holistic model for use by GBS/GCCs in building and enhancing capabilities to progress in their journey of integrating technologies into business services.

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RISE Model measures GCC maturity – to move from a process centre to an enterprise centre by – Reimagining value potential, Institutionalizing commitments & capabilities, Synthesizing strategic deployment, and Extending to enterprise & achieve competitive advantage.

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CEM Framework

Customer Experience Management (CEM) framework for measuring the business of customer experience by assessing the readiness to shift the transformation focus from business processes(BPT) to customer experience (CET).

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3 'I' Framework

3 ‘I’ Framework for Competitive Edge in HR Transformation measures 3 key dimensions as – Integration, Innovation and Intelligent Automation – to enable the HR leaders to nurture and grow an everlasting bond with the business and the enterprise.

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4 ‘I’ Framework

The 4 ‘I’ - Employee Alignment Framework is designed for initiating employees through a well-defined framework of Induction, Incubation, Inclusion, Integration

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VSM Framework

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a Lean Management Tool that can be used to demonstrate information and customer flow within business services using industry-standard shapes, templates, and an intuitive interface.

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5R Framework for Digital Metamorphosis

A holistic framework for top management to focus on preparing the organization for digital metamorphosis and transition successfully through 5Rs – Revolutionize, Reimagine, Reignite, Reskill & Readiness.

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Enterprise Services Management (ESM) Model

Enterprise Services Management (ESM) to provide an end-to-end view of enterprise services/ CENTUM – Customer Centric Operations; Enterprise Process Management; Nurturing Partnerships; Tech Integrated Services; Unified Capabilities; and Digital Metamorphosis.

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PIVOT Framework for Digital Leapfrogging

PIVOT Framework is for measuring the digital leap readiness of an enterprise function based on business focus, insights, versatility, operating model, and transformation agents.

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CODE Assessment for Disruptional Engineering

The CODE framework is for assessing Disruptional Engineering in Enterprise Services for innovative dimensions in value delivery to proactively engineer disruptions by challenging 4 key paradigms.

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ACT Framework

ACT Framework defines the 7 tracks for future readiness for a highly effective GBS/GCC. Each of these 7 tracks of ACT has ‘Assess’, ‘Connect’ and ‘Target’ parameters to follow for enabling future readiness.

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Partnership Excellence Framework

The Partnership Excellence Framework is designed to assess and move up the Relationship Value Chain by utilizing current process, customer, projects and performance information.

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FoCap Partner Selection Model

The FoCap Partner Selection Model is designed to measure Capability & Focus of the partner as an input to decision making. This model is a reference document by the provider community as a self-assessment and improvement tool.

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People Practices Model

The People Practices Model has been designed to build an effective employee engagement strategy.

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