A Ground Report on Integrated Technologies in Enterprise Functions

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The industry has been rapidly transforming ever since its evolution several years ago. In fact, the term BPM (Business Process Management) has become ESM (Enterprise Services Management) ensuring the enterprise-wide focus beyond just the functions. The world has moved on from being ‘IT enabled’ to a holistic ‘Tech-Integrated’. The tech platform has graduated to become enterprise wide and deep all the way down. ‘Wide’ technologies which are social, mobile, and interconnected compete for mindshare with ‘deep’ ones, which are analytical, robotic, or inherently intelligent. Each of these is equally important today as the business fabric is becoming increasingly digital at a breakneck speed. Organizations are quickly adapting their businesses to the capabilities these technologies provide. Modern and leading-edge businesses are integrating technology ‘AS’ the core of the business – and not merely integrating technology applications ‘AT’ the core of the business.