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- Executing Digital Transformation Successfully

The digital disruption currently taking place in the world is leading to the emergence of the Digital Economy. In many ways, the depth and extent of impact on companies due to the ever changing digital environment is so high that the digital transformation requires not just one, but ‘series of transformations’, and hence, is best termed as ‘Digital Metamorphosis’. The starting point is recognizing this as a digital revolution that comprehensively affects the market place, work place, and social networking space. It will restructure current jobs and roles, will rewrite competition, will change the way customers access and demand fulfilment of services, and will truly make the globe borderless to link suppliers and customers, and so on. As in any situation, strategy and execution need to work in tandem in order to stay relevant, sustain and create value in the present and for the future. This integrated approach applies to Digital Transformation as well. The Global India, being the global hub for Top Fortune 500 Companies, is clearly poised to convert this need into a huge opportunity and the Global In-house Centres (GICs) can then truly become the Global Innovation Centres for parent corporations as well as end clients!

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